“How hilarious would it be if you could stick your face onto these emojis and send it to your mates for mega LOLs? Well, you can … It’s hilarious and it’s free so get on it ASAP.”

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“Yup, you can live the dream and become an actual emoji. Emoji My Face is our new favourite thing in the entire world, as it lets you turn any selfie or snap of your pals/family/fave celebs into a proper emoji sticker … Uhmazing.”


Make your own emoji/emoticon/smileys with Emoji My Face for iPhone:

  • “PHOTOSHOP” your pic into your own custom, photo-emoji sticker! 
  • PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED, beautiful emoji icon stickers 
  • Make an emoticon of the PERFECT EXPRESSION or emotion!
  • Make your own emoji pictures of CELEBRITIES, friends—anything!
  • BETTER than imoji app—don’t just cut your face out and call it an emoji
  • BETTER than LINE Selfie—don’t just put your face in a cartoon character
  • BETER than Bitmoji—you’re not an ugly cartoon drawing

Make the Funniest Selfies Stickers! Make New Emojis You Always Needed:

Flip a Middle-Finger Emoji… Eyeball an Eye-Rolling Emoji… Take out a Taco Emoji… Do a Duck Face Emoji… Face Palm Emoji? For sure. Vomit Emoji? Coming right up. X-rated, Dirty, Naughty Emoji? Show us what you’ve got!

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How make emojis: Twitter emojis, LINE stickers, Facebook emojis, kick emojis, WeChat emojis, Weibo emojis

  • Create a WhatsApp emoji, Twitter emoji, Facebook emoji, or LINE stickers!
  • Make WeChat stickers, Kik stickers, Messenger stickers AND MORE!
  • Then tell your friends how to make emojis too, with Emoji My Face

More Emojis = More LOLs!

Make an avatar, a chat icon, or a character icon. Make a famous celebrity emoji or prank your friends. Make your own cat emojis or make an emoji of all your favorite things. Download to your iPhone now!

How to make emojis, your own emojis and emoticons of yourself

★ “Best Emoji App Ever!” ★ 

★ “Hilarious!” ★ “Awesome!” ★ “Original!” ★

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