Hi! Need help? Here are some problems other people have contacted me about:

Problem: I do not know how to use the app!

Solution: Tap on the Help/Question Mark icon (?) to see instructions, or read below

• To Create a New Emoji Sticker:

  1. Take a photo, or choose one from your Photo Library.
  2. Resize the photo to fit the circle.
  3. Choose an emoji icon for your photo.
  4. Save your emoji sticker to a Category. You can add new Categories here.

• To Share an Emoji Sticker:

  1. In the main Home screen, you will see your Categories. Select a Category.
  2. In the Category, choose one of your emoji creations.
  3. A small screen will slide up. You will see many sharing options.
  4. You can share using Email, Apple Message, Facebook, and other messaging apps.
  5. Or, Save Image to your Photo Library, and then use it in ANY MESSAGE APP!


Problem: I don’t want to pay for any of the other emoji sets! Make them all free!

Solution: There are already tons of free emoji icons! And you can make infinite faces for free with Emoji My Face.

If you enjoy something, then it is valuable. If you find it valuable, then paying is the moral thing to do. You can still keep using it for free, with advertisements. Creating the Emoji My Face app cost thousands and thousands of dollars with no guarantee of making any money at all. Paying 99¢ to unlock a huge set of new emojis is a true bargain! (Paying a few more dollars to unlock all of them is a no-brainer.)


Problem: The app crashes when I open it!

Solution: This sometimes happens with any app. Try rebooting — turning your phone off and turning it back on again. If this doesn’t help, then delete the app and re-install it again. Here’s the link to Emoji My Face in the App Store to re-install it: http://bit.ly/emojimyface

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